Buying New, Used, and Broken Phones!

We Pay Cash for Phones

Lake Effect Phone Repair is located right in the heart of down town Grand Rapids at 38 Commerce Ave SW Suite 104! Are you looking to sell your old stuff? Don't wait around for weeks to just get ripped of by seller fees and shipping trying to sell your old iPhone, Android, iPad or other device online! You can stop into Lake Effect Phone Repair and have a fast, safe, and convenient CASH transaction! With you walking out of the store with top dollar for your device! We beat all of the other stores and shops in town when it comes to giving you money!

Safe Fast and convenient

The world is a scary place! Don't meet people in unsafe parking lots or back allies trying to sell your phone on a garage sale sight or spend days responding to low-ball offers! It's just not worth the time or safety! Give us a call at 1(616)502-4447, visit the sell page, or stop into Lake Effect Phone Repair any time from 11-6 Monday through Saturday to get a free quote and CASH!


Zakry O'Brien

Owner of Lake Effect Phone Repair in beautiful downtown Grand Rapids, Michgian