Today's Repairs

Today has been another great day in the Phone repair business! I was able to work on a wide range of devices, iPhones and iPads, for several customers and the day is just getting started! Today began with a customer calling in from down town Grand Rapids, having found me on google. They were able to bring in their Black iPhone 6s with a cracked screen and walk out 30 minutes later with a device that was good as new! The excitement of a customer seeing their phone looking brand new never gets old!

The phone screen looks awesome! I wasn’t able to get anything done on it before I brought it in today!
— Happy Customer

The next repair I worked on was an iPhone 6s Plus that needed a new charging port and a battery replacement. It is alway convenient when I can work on several things at once while I'm already into the device (I'm also able to cut the customer a deal). The charging port is a tricky repair, requiring removal of the logic board and almost every component in the device. The flip side of how complex the repair is was that the battery removal and replacement process was made very easy with all of the components out of the way! The customer dropped the phone off in the early afternoon and was able to walk out with a new battery and functioning charging port about an hour later! 

The next repair in the pipeline is an iPad Air Battery replacement! This was a special order since I do not keep every type of iPad battery stocked. I was able to take the device in, run a free full diagnostic test to determine that that the battery was only holding 23% of the iPads designed battery capacity and I would randomly power down at 100% battery. This is another repair that is a little tricky but a ton of fun! It took only 2 days for the part to ship to the store down town Grand Rapids and another full day (2-3 hours) to replace the giant iPad Air battery. The iPad turned out great and the customer couldn't be happier to have it working like it should!

Cant wait to see what excitement tomorrow brings!  

Zakry O'Brien

Owner of Lake Effect Phone Repair in beautiful downtown Grand Rapids, Michgian